Dynamic Integrations of Crop Data Mapping and Meteorological Data based on Data Excange Framework

data mappingKnowledge-based agricultural engineering, through the adoption of information and communication technologies, is becoming necessary in order to build the precision agriculture. Google Earth, provides a high degree of data integration with client data. The technology brings an exciting global integrated platform that allows users share geographical information and response. A web-based system is developed to assist agricultural decision support system using Google Earth and multi data integrated. In this paper, we will describe the web system in aspects of: 1) dynamic mapping of meteorological data, crop, and weather; 2) build flexibility Web Service in order to handle more heterogeneous distributed data and analyze among different locations and 3) developed a framework to combine crop data and corresponding metrological data. A typical example to utilize this framework is to conduct interaction analysis among several locations and crop varieties in a breeding process.

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