First Meeting in Data Communication Course

This monday is our first meeting in data communication presented by mr. Widyawan, Ph.D graduated doctoral from Ireland and Groningen University, Netherland. He teach us about data communication, OSI layer, and the important things is he bring new method of teaching in our class that we not used before. He teach us how to study from paper, journal and theses publication, how to learn some topic and form where we must start first. I think this is method of learning in abroad University which based on research and not by course, we must be active and contribute in class, make review form accredited journal or paper , read the new issues in data communication area.
This is my summary in today’s course, if we want to make literature study firstly we must looking for review for the topics, Why? it’s because we will met more than eighty paper reviewed by author with general information related to topic what we want to know. From the general information discussed and explained in paper we can catch the main point and if we need to further and deeper information we can referrer to reference quoted by author. The lecturer said that this is the fastest method to learn something new using paper and publication, ok ..that’s great information Sir..thank you for share

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