Journal/ Book Chapter

Peer Reviewed Journal

  1. Nugroho, A.P., Okayasu, T., Hoshi, T., Inoue, E., Hirai, Y., Mitsuoka, M., Sutiarso, L., 2016. Development of a remote environmental monitoring and control framework for tropical horticulture and verification of its validity under unstable network connection in rural area. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 124, 325–339 [link]
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  3. Okayasu, T., Nugroho, A.P., Ozaki, A., Mitsuoka, M., Nanseki, T., Inoue, E., Hirai,Y.: Feature extraction for Field Environmental Information Using Change Point Analysis Method and Verification Its Validity, Agri. Info. Res., 2013..
  4. Sutiarso, L., Suyantohadi, A., Kastono, D., Nugroho, A.P., Application of Web-based Monitoring System for Plant Growing by Using Machine Vision. Jurnal Agritech Vol 31, No 04 (2011).

Book Chapter

  1. Okayasu, T., Nugroho, A.P., Arita, D., Yoshinaga, T., Hashimoto, Y.,  Tachiguchi, R. “Sensing and Visualization in Agriculture with Affordable Smart Devices”. under review.