Learning Kanji

samuraiThe second class, we study about kanji. Kanji are the Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese logographic writing system along with hiragana.
we must memorize the figure of the kanji characters, I make write and review the material again to memorize the many shape.
The first kanji topic is name of day, there are come from natural symbol such as fire, water, moon, sun and another symbol.

1. Monday

monday is come from moon (月) in japanse symbol, it’s called つき (tsuki), we can use the another combination from the moon (月) there are:
月曜日 : げつようび (getsu youbi) -> monday
〜月 : がつ (gatsu)-> month in one year
-月 : げつ (getsu) -> the month of …
先月 : せんげつ (sengetsu) -> lastmonth
今月 :こんがつ (kongetsu) -> this month
来月 : らいげつ (raigetsu) -> next month
毎月 : まいつき (maitsuki) -> everymonth
Kanji can write and read in おにょうみ (konyomi = this part will read as single character) and こにょうみ(onyomi=this is the how to read this part if there are combine with another characters).
the K and O of moon (月):
K : つき
O: げつ、がつ

2. Tuesday

Tuesday is come from fire kanji (火)in japanese called ひ (hi), the combination from fire as bellow:
火曜日 : かようび (kayoubi) -> Tuesday
火 : ひ (hi) -> fire
火事 : かじ (kaji) -> kind of fire
and this is the K and O:
K : ひ、ほ
O : ヵ

3. Wednesday
Wednesday is come from water kanji (水)in japanese called みず(mizu), this is the combination:
水曜日 : すいようび (suiyoubi) -> Wednesday
水 : みず (mizu) -> water
水道 : すいどう (suidou) -> water backup
K : みず
O : ミズ

4. Thursday

Thursday using the natural symbol of trees, this is common use 木 (ki) the kanji of tree
木曜日 : もくようび (mokuyoubi) -> Thursday
木 : き (ki) -> tree, wood
K :  き、こ
O : モク 、 ボク

5. Friday

friday is unique, we can imgine this symbol like our home, with two roof in top of this symbol. The symbol to build this is come from 金 (kin) it’s explain the gold or money. This is the combination:
金曜日 : きにようび (kinyoubi) -> friday
お金 : おかね (okane) -> money
金 : きん (kin) -> emas
this is the K and O for this kanji
K : かね、かな
O : キン、コン

6. Saturday

Saturday make from original symbol of soil 土, in japanese called つち (tsu chi), this is the variation:
土曜日 : どようび (doyoubi) -> saturday
土 : つち (tsu chi) -> soil
土地 : とち (to chi) -> soil
K : つち
O : ト, ド

7. Sunday

sunday is more variation from original kanji symbol of sun (日), in japanese called ひ (hi) from original symbol sun, this is the variation:
日曜日 : にちようび (nichiyoubi) -> sunday
〜曜日 : ようび  (~youbi) -> day in one week
今日 : きょう (kyou) -> today
毎日 : まいにち (mainichi) -> everyday
日本 : にほん (nihon) -> japan
日本人 : にほんじん (nihonjin) -> japanese people
日本語 : にほんご (nihongo) -> japanese language
~ 日 : にち (nichi) -> ~ name of day
K : ひ 、か
O : ニチ

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