Today’s activity, all about research student

Starting this day with stay at Center for Information and Communication Technology Services office, doing job like the previous, editing css and Drupal sites, yeah it’s feel back to my past. Now, I am student in Electrical Engineering and also concurrently as Research Student in my laboratory of Energy and Agricultural Machinery. I declare my self as research student, because my activity are read the journal, conducting research with my senior lecturer and assist some laboratory practices.
Last day, I was take toefl test for the second shoot, firstly, i think my score is better than before, I optimistic to get high toefl score, frankly I still try to submit my scholarship application after the failure at first opportunity. I realize that I am not prepare well for yesterday toefl test, please check out my previous entries for detail reason :D..*hammer*
Ok, this is about the result, I still got score bellow 500, i got 493..hmm..ned more practices and practices again, drilling my self and read the thick toefl book again.
keep spirit

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