Automatic Leaf Motion Analysis Using Optical Flow To Diagnose Plant Behavior In Response To Environmental Changes

Abstract: We have proposed an automatic leaf motion analysis based on Infrared (IR) photography. The proposed system allows continuous, high-resolution time-lapse imaging, independent of the present of visible light, and based on open source platform. The utilization of microcomputer as a capturing unit might increase the simplicity and flexibility. The IR camera positioned above the … Read more

Review: Case Studies Related to Intelligent Irrigation and Actuating System

This post will focus on case studies and method that already used to solve the problem in intelligent irrigation system with multi input for autonomous decision by the system. 1.¬†Gims: A Web-based Greenhouse Intelligent Management System [tab name=’General Information’] Author: M.T. Maliappis, K.P. Ferentinos, H.C. Passam and A.B. Sideridis Journal: World Journal of Agricultural Sciences … Read more

Review: Cultivation of Strawberries, Case studies and Optimization for strawberry cultivars Amaou

In this post, author sought to gather information related to strawberry cultivation, especially type cultivars Amaou . The information¬†including plant growth condition, optimum conditions, irrigation techniques and measurement of sugar content. This review post reviewed paper were collected from internet, some presented in english and the other in japanese. Furthermore, the information contained in this … Read more

Review: Intelligent Irrigation System for melon in green house

Abstract The price of melon varies with its quality. It is very difficult to control the quality of melon in various growing stages, because irrigation management in a green house influences the fruit quality. In this study, the intelligent irrigation systems were developed using the know-how extracted from an expert. Fuzzy control and On-off control … Read more