Smart Agriculture Research


Tropical agriculture is highly affected by the uncontrollable environmental condition. To obtain good agricultural products, farmers manage their farm so as to fit with the variation of weather and season. The farming management, such as crops selection, planting schedule, plant cultivation and maintenance, are generally determined according to their personal knowledge of farming, gained from the long-term experience from preceding years.

Nowadays, climate change intensifies unpredictable weather and its unstable distribution. Consequently, the conventional farming management considering the climate change factor should be taken into account. The farming management should face the dynamic change of weather condition as well as improve the farmer’s knowledge.


The overall objective of this study is to introduce a smart agriculture framework as an application of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the conventional farming management in tropical agriculture production. The framework is implementing a cloud technology as a backbone, which can be extended with various knowledge such as data science, plant biology, plant physiology, bio-physical and bio-mechanical (agricultural robotics). To achieve the research objective above, we break down our work into 4 research themes as follows:

smart-agricultureSchematic diagram of Smart Agriculture Framework

 More information about each themes

» Environmental Monitoring
» Environmental Assessment
» Environmental Control
» Plant Monitoring and Assessment