English practices in our daily conversation

Wow, yesterday one of my friends in ee posted abour great idea, we must use english for our daily conversation and writing in mailing list group. i think this is good idea to forced us practice and learn english, the major language in the world. I realize that it’s not as easy as writing in bahasa, but we must try this method, whatever the words or sentences that we first written or spoken, the show must go on, and don’t worry..we have friends to correct our grammar or pronunciation. in my humble opinion i prefer asking google translate than asking to someone else, why? it’s because it’s faster and simpler..

So, what should I do to prepare this session, this is my preparation, i hope i can apply this rule to my self:
1. Read along the journal and paper related to my research proposal (keywords: web technology, artificial Intelligence, decision support system, agricultural information system)
2. Practices to speak the special term in agricultural information system and AI
3. join and be active in english club again..it’s long time ago no join and meet my friends 😀
4. writing daily report at my personal blog, like this one.
hope i can follow my own rule..

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