The New Japanese vocabulary that must be memorized

Next week, I have the japanese exam, it about the 3rd level class in Pusat Budaya Jepang Yogyakarta, The time feel so fast, we must memorized the material and the kanji characters, yeah..this is the some part of the material that I must memorized, はじめましょお。。

おぼえます (oboemasu) = memorize, remember

わすれます (wasuremasu) = forget

ばくします (nakushimasu) = loss

だします (dashimasu) = collect ~ レポと を だします collect the report

あらいます (haraimasu) = paying

かえします (kaeshimasu) = returning

でかけます (dekakemasu) = depart

ぬぎます (nugimasu) = open

もっていきます (motte ikimasu) = bring out something

しんぱいします (shinpaishimasu) = worry about something

ざんようします (zhangyou shimasu) = working out of time | working over time

しゅちょします (shuchoshimasu) = working on outer city

のみます (nomimasu) = drinking

はいります (hairimasu) = in | come in

たいせつ (taisetsu ) = something important, valuable

だいじょうぶ (daijoubu) = don’t mind

あぶない (abunai) = danger

もおんだい (mondai) = question, inquiries, query

こたえ (kotae) = answer

きんえん (kin’en) = prohibition for not smoking

かぜ (kaze) = sick

ねつ (netsu) = coll

びょき(byoki) = sickness

くすり (kusuri) = medicine

おふろ (ofuro) = bathroom

うわぎ (uwagi) = jacket

したぎ (shitagi) = underwear

せんせい (sensei) = doctor, physician, lecturer

~ まで に (made ni) = the late time

ですから (desu kara) = so that

のど (nodo) = larynx

おだいにじ (odainiji) = hope will get better for sick people

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