“Atarashii Kotoba” yet another japanese vocabulary form Uni Sensei..

At least one week, the regulary sensei haven’t attended the japanse class, the instructor has been replaced by uni sensei, She give us many weird vocabulary in japan daily activity, All of us has been forced to memorize the vocabulary:

あいていにしないで = jangan diladeni
あほ / ばか = bodoh
おかま = bencong
ありえない = keterlaluan
うしょ = pembohong
すごい = luar biasa
かんべんしって= plis deh..
このやろ=sibodoh ini..
けち= pelit
ださい= jelek
きもい=njijiki, jelek
しゅせんど = mata duitan (matre)
ちび = pendek
でぶ= gendut
ちくそ= brengsek
つからか= kantong kering
でと= pacaran
ねこばば = korupsi
ばくばくする= degdegan
ぱぱらぱ= orang gila
のんべ= minum

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