End Year Seminar

December 22, my laboratory held annual seminar, named end year seminar. This event held by two laboratory related in agrocultural mqchinery and agricultural information system. Two laboratory mentioned above is Bioproduction Engineering laboratory and Agricultural information System Laboratory. So which laboratory Ibelongs to? actually I interested in agricultural information system, more popular as agricultural informatics. I belongs to bioproduction engineering laboratory, but my research is actually close to the neighborhood. No problem, after listening and watching presentation research from these two laborqtory, I can understand what is the main concerns in each laboratory research. This is a little note that I can catch from this end year seminar.

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Japanese Verb Transformation

The last meeting we study about kanji, memorize the figure of kanji, practices how to write the characters and make new noun/place with kanji. Now we study about verb, in this level we must study hard, why? It’s because the sensei? The course material or the time of course ?, yeah..all of the previous reason are the background for the student to be better to their study.
OK, we start to identify the typical of verb, in 2th level we was study how to use masu and mashita Masu is familiar used to explain the future activity, and Mashita common used to explain the past activity. We can figured as bellow

Mashita |—————-[Now {Te} ] —————–| Masu

the third level we will study how to use the present activity, in above we can saw the Now or Te Verb, in japanese called “Te key”. There are have one convention how to change verb from basic mean (jisho key) to Masu(ます), Te(て) or Mashita(ました). We just take a look for characters before Masu(ます), and then check the transformation bellow.

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たべもの が すき

すききのうのあさ わたし は あさごはん を たべます。レストラン は ひだり に だいがく が あります。 レストラン は とても にぎやか です おーしいごと は しんせつ です。 りょうり の レストラン は おいしい です。 ソト 椏止む や チキンヌードル など が あります。レストラン の りょうり で ソとアヤマが いちばん すき です。 ごはん は たくさん が あります。 それから、たべもの は たかくない ですせんしゅ の あさ わたし と いもと は レストラン へ きま下。いもと は チキンヌードル の ほうが おいしい です。 ふたり は インドネシハ の しょうり が すき です。