End Year Seminar

December 22, my laboratory held annual seminar, named end year seminar. This event held by two laboratory related in agrocultural mqchinery and agricultural information system. Two laboratory mentioned above is Bioproduction Engineering laboratory and Agricultural information System Laboratory. So which laboratory Ibelongs to? actually I interested in agricultural information system, more popular as agricultural informatics. I belongs to bioproduction engineering laboratory, but my research is actually close to the neighborhood. No problem, after listening and watching presentation research from these two laborqtory, I can understand what is the main concerns in each laboratory research. This is a little note that I can catch from this end year seminar.

Bioproduction engineering laboratory focuses on agricultural machinery and peripheral related. IT agriculture also one of field study,especially application information and technology in agriculture( design and implementation field monitoring system, actation system, field works recording system)
Agricultural information system laboratory focuses on information processing, related with rice fields production. This laboratory studys about information process techniques, suc has support vector machine algorithm, classification and another datamining.techniques.
From this seminar I just the main focus of each laboratory.Although my research in agricultural Informatics i prefer belongs to bioproduction engineering laboratory, because the aim of my research is application and implementation Information and Technology, not only techniques information but also creating system and hardware.

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