Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology Development Notes

This time I have asssignment to setup and create the Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology, this journal will destined to coolect the journal field of biotechnology. I am used OJS(Open Journal System) for engine main cms engine. More information about OJS you can visit official website.
we can make OJS as beauty as drupal or another Content Management System, if we meet some journal which was built with OJS, we often find the same style and appearance, so for this journal development I want to make something different, adding the some plugins and make custom css layout for default display. The add on plugin was used in this journal as follows:
Static Pages Plugin
This plugin allowed us to create cutom static page for add more information about our journal, we must defined the path and title for our custom static pages. for future step, we will linked it to primary navigation in top menus. we can download the latest version of Static Pages Plugin in here, the instruction for installation we can find in README included in this plugin folder. in my plugins installation , i find problem about creating the static pages databases, so i must create the databases manually. I execute the Sql script as below in phpmyadmin:

CREATE TABLE static_pages (
journal_id BIGINT NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (static_page_id)
CREATE TABLE static_page_settings (
static_page_id BIGINT NOT NULL,
setting_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
setting_value TEXT,
setting_type VARCHAR(6) NOT NULL
ALTER TABLE static_page_settings ADD INDEX static_page_settings_static_page_id (static_page_id);
ALTER TABLE static_page_settings ADD UNIQUE INDEX static_page_settings_pkey (static_page_id, locale, setting_name);

and this plugin work done, we can add the custom page directly and linked it 🙂

Custom Block Manager
This plugin help us to create custom block in our sidebar position, right sidebar or left sidebar. if we was used wordpress or drupal we familiar call it widget or block. the instruction installation we can find inside plugins folder. we just actived it in system plugin section and we can add our custom block to locate our banner or /other custom block that we need to add.

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