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Long time ago..I am not working and doing my blogging activity, the new year with lot of duty. There are many task on my desk calendar. Now, I must remind my Japanese course material, there are about Kanji characters and pattern of sentences to explain some meaning sense. This firs post on 2010 I want to review the Kanji material. The previous Kanji characters is explain about Name of day and Another daily Kanji characters, now I am covering about number characters in Kanji:

1. One
一 いち–- ichi nichi –(one)
一日 いちにち – ichi nichi — (one day)
一日 ついたち –tsui tachi – (first day in one month)
一人 ひとり – hitori – (one person)
一度 いちど –ichido– (sometimes | one more)
一度も いちども –ichidomo– (never)
一つ ひとつ –hitotsu– (one object)
K = ひと/つ 、 ひど、
O = イチ, イツ

2. Two
二 に –ni – (two)
二日 ふつか –futsuka– (the second day on one month)
二人 ふたり –futari – (two person)
二十日 はつか –hatsuka – (the 20th )
二つ ふたつ –futatsu– (two object)
K = ふた/つ、ふた
O = ニ

3. Three
三 さん –san– (three)
三日 みっか –mikka – (the 3rd day on one month)
三つ みっつ –mittsu – (three object)
K = みっつ 、 み 、みつ
O = サン

4. Four
四 おん –yon – (four)
四日 よっか -yokka – (the 4th day)
四つ よっつ -yottsu – (four object)
K = よっつ、よ 、さん、よつ
O = ツ

5. Five
五 ご –go – (five)
五日 いつか –itsuka – (the 5th day)
五つ いつつ –itsutsu– (five objects)
K = いつ、いつつ
O = ゴ

六 ろく –roku– (six)
六日 むいか –muika– (the 6th day)
六つ むっつ –muttsu– (six objects)
K = むつ、む、むい、む
O = ロク

7. Seven
七 なな -nana- (seven)
七日 なのか –nanoka– (the 7th day)
七つ ななつ –nanatsu– (seven object)

K = なな、ななつ、なの
O = シチ

8. Eight
八 はち –hachi– (eight)
八日 ようか –youka– (the 8th day)
八つ やっつ –yattsu– (eight object)

K = やっつ、やつよつ、や
O = ハチ

9. Nine
九 きゅう –kyuu– (nine)
九日 ここのか –kokonoka– (the 9th day)
九つ ここのつ –kokonotsu– (nine object)

K = ここのつ、ここの
O = キュウ、ク

10. Ten
十 とお –too – (ten)
十日 とおか –tooka– (the 10th day)
十 と –too– (ten object)
K = とお、と
O = ジョウ, ク

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