lecture note: Fundamental of Agricultural Sciences: Biostatistic

This lecture was delivered by Prof. Keiji Takasu form Agri-Bio Research Laboratory. This class will provide lecture about biostatistic, in my first impression, biostatistic is field of statistic which it applied in sciences to solve the problem in real. Actually I prepare also if professor asking me about this one, but i don’t have guts enough for cheer up :D, so that i write down in this lecture note.

In my opinion statistic is tools, we can use this one for analyze real problem and make summary to make this problem easy to understand and then it’s can represent the real problem to achieve the certain goals.
According to the Professor, this is some point of statistic:
1. collection of quantitatives information ( animal lists, annual reports)
2. method of handling the collected data-inferences about large groups
3. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics
4. Parametric statistic and non-parametric statistic

+------------------+ +---------------------+
| Population | --random sampling--> | samples processing |
|__________________| <-- inferences ---- |_____________________|

#samples should be representative of the population

we dont know the distribution in the real looks like, so we must take samples to process it. The samples consist of Mean, Standard deviation, Mean, Percentile. the next step is make Probably mathematic( samples processing) Probably mathematic is one of tools in statistic that uses in biostatistic application.
the next explanation is about how to use this biostatistic to doing research, this is the point:
1. A review of fact, theories, and proposals. if we read the international paper or research publication we must critical thinking and not just accept at all, neither data nor method might be have some mistake, so that we must read the previous work/paper as details and meticolous
2. Formulation of a logical hypothesis subject to testing experimental method. The experimental method is represent the real condition in field and then we must make a logical hypothesis to make easy to decide in experimental method.
3. Objective evaluation of the hypothesis on the basis of the experimental result. After we get the result from experimental methods, we will bring this result to the basic experimental, this step to make sure that the objective research can be answered.

After understanding some point of scientific research, the professor explain about why do I need to know about statistic, these is some activity that it need statistic in our daily activity, especially when we doing research:
1. we use statistic
2. Making hypothesis, read and evaluate scientific journals (the previous work) critically and intelligently.
3. Designing experiment
4. Evaluating a hypothesis objectively, to undertake an investigation on your own account and to present your result in a form that will be authoritative, you need knowledge of statistical analysis.

There is a question from student, actually he is visiting researcher form the same country with me, he asking about kind of software that it will be use in this course, and how to use that software. The professor said that, if he want to study about how to use the statistical software, he should come to someone else, not in this class, because this class is provide the basic fundamental of statistic, which used in biology. This is some point from professor related to what we will learn from this course:
1. Data analysis: the gathering, display, and summary data.
2. Probability: law of chance
3. Statistical inferenceL the science of drawing statistical conclusion from specific data, using knowledge of probability.

This is the end of my lecture note, the first assignment of us is we must make a copy for the book, related to topic which professor explain. I got the book from here, but I don't know this is same with the professor book. I already print this one and hopefully this book useful for this term.

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