Deployment of Agricultural Information System – Installation and Utilization of Field Monitoring System on Agricultural Production in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Agriculture is remaining to be a strategic sector in Indonesia. Besides its growth, there are also several challenges. Among others is the optimization of the agricultural production system. Practically, Indonesian farmers have improved their own cultivation technique and senses from their long-term accumulated experiences, includes knowledge about climate, weather, soil, crop type, etc. In this … Read more

Development of Real-time Change Point Analysis for Field Environmental Information in Agriculture

Prehension and evaluation of field environmental conditions are very important tasks in agriculture. To enhance the agricultural production system, an agricultural information supporting system ”Agri-eye” has been developed based on a cloud computing scheme. It consists of work recording, actuation and field environmental monitoring system. Regarding the environmental observation, monitoring nodes have been installed in … Read more

Development of Actuation Framework for Agricultural Informatization Supporting System

Agriculture faces many challenges in the production system, such as climate and weather, field conditions, crop types, soils types and conditions, and so on. Farmers consider many aspects to optimize the “on-farm” process by their long-term experiences. Various informatization agricultural supporting systems have been developed using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to improve agricultural productivity. … Read more

Development of Intelligent Control System for Greenhouse

Various informatization agricultural supporting systems have been developed using ICT (information andcommunication technologies) to improve agricultural productivity. However agriculture is very complex system ingeneral and thus is strictly influenced by climate, weather, soil conditions, crop types, and so on. Authors have also proposed the supporting system called “Agri-eye” in which a field monitoring, crop growth and quality evaluation,work recording, and online … Read more

Penerapan Teknologi Inovatif dalam Industri Kelapa Sawit Ramah Lingkungan

Berawal dari share link mengenai seminar sawit yang diselenggarakan oleh jurusan teknik pertanian dan biosystem ugm di wall facebook, ada teman yang menanyakan terkait tema dari seminar, adapun tema yang diangkat pada seminar kali ini adalah “Penerapan Teknologi Inovatif dalam Industri Kelapa Sawit Ramah Lingkungan”, dan pertanyaan yang dilontarkan adalah apa sih teknologi ramahlingkungan yang di tawarkan?

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Review: Case Studies Related to Intelligent Irrigation and Actuating System

This post will focus on case studies and method that already used to solve the problem in intelligent irrigation system with multi input for autonomous decision by the system. 1. Gims: A Web-based Greenhouse Intelligent Management System [tab name=’General Information’] Author: M.T. Maliappis, K.P. Ferentinos, H.C. Passam and A.B. Sideridis Journal: World Journal of Agricultural Sciences … Read more