Review: Cultivation of Strawberries, Case studies and Optimization for strawberry cultivars Amaou

In this post, author sought to gather information related to strawberry cultivation, especially type cultivars Amaou . The information including plant growth condition, optimum conditions, irrigation techniques and measurement of sugar content. This review post reviewed paper were collected from internet, some presented in english and the other in japanese. Furthermore, the information contained in this … Read more

Review: Intelligent Irrigation System for melon in green house

Abstract The price of melon varies with its quality. It is very difficult to control the quality of melon in various growing stages, because irrigation management in a green house influences the fruit quality. In this study, the intelligent irrigation systems were developed using the know-how extracted from an expert. Fuzzy control and On-off control … Read more

seminar note:Agriculture and Integrated Production (IP) in Europe: The Almeria Case

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inter 2012. Today i had opportunity to join special seminar in IT-Agriculture, held by Laboratory of Farm Management, my neighbor laboratory. The keynote speaker is Prof. Fernando Bievenido frrom Departement of Computer Language and Science, University of Almeria, Spain. He will explain his research entitled “Agriculture and Integrated Production(IP) in Europe: The Almeria’s Case”. In this note, I just try retell what I catch from his interesting topics.

Cooperation between all the agent was really the key point of implementation Integrated Production(IP)

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Innovation is Important things

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday, I had opportunity to discuss with my Professor, related to research in Agriculture, especially ini his research interest, Agriculture Informatics. We discuss about technology and field application, as we know that Information and technology is common use in various field of science, perhaps technology was already given by technology developer and IT practitioners, but … Read more

Assignment 1: Increase of rainfall due to climate change and its relation with forest

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]limate change as one popular issues in last decades, it’s affect global average surface temperature and increased over 20th century by about 0.60 C. Forest are likely to experience dramatic changes as a consequence of increment rainfall by climate change. Forest directly affect climate change at the global scale by altering earth’s albedo, hydrological, regimes and atmospheric CO2 .Forest also affect climate at a local scale by altering temperature, humidity and solar radiation (Graham, 1990).

Another serious effect of climate change, related to forest stability is it increased total rain and rain intensity. According to report by Climate Change 2011: The Scientific Basis, Tropical land-surface precipitation measurements indicate that precipitation likely has increased by about 0.2 to 0.3%/ decade over the 20th century. Direct measurements of precipitation and model re analyses of inferred precipitation indicate that rainfall has also increased over large parts of the tropical ocean.

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Lecture notes : Biological Resource Utilization and Conservation

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inter 2012. Today is the last Biological resource utilization class, given by Dr. Yoshimura from laboratory Plant Breeding.  from him we learn much about breeding and biodiversity plant, especially paddy rice, as we know that rice is  staple food in south east asia. Dealing with another material, is will make simple resume here.

Chapter one

Conservation of Biodiversity and sustainable utilization of Biological Resources. This lecture given by Prof. Masami Takagi. This lecture covers Agricultural Ecology, pest in agricultural ecosystem, and Integrated pest management.  firstly we study about level in biological activity, classification related to Individu, Population, Community, Ecosystem and Biosphere. there are component in earth as general. we also consider about energy chain in flow ecosystem like our class given when we are study in elementary school or junior high school. sun is energy resource , using sunrise energy we can produce agricultural commodities and plant, from this lecture we also remember about simple agricultural ecosystem, called Natural Ecosystem.

Natural Ecosystem

–> Energy –> Sun –>  Producer (Plants) –> Consumer ( Animal ) –> Decomposer (Microbial) –> Loop

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