Web-based Actuator using PICNIC 02 TS (part 1)

This is my note about web-based actuator using PICNIC board, I got  this awesome device for my master thesis, theme IT agriculture in specific application of web actuator for green house monitoring system. Firstly i will introduce about this research background, hopefully it can give you introduction about this notes.

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Lectures Assignment: Setting DNS Server in Mac Os

This week i have assignment is Computer network and data communication course, the assignment is setup and configure DNS server in local computer, e.g. Notebook, Netbook, Tablet or Personal Computer. Each of us must practices how to install Bind, configure the zone and create dummy domain to test that our domain is working properly. In this course, we are required to become acquainted with Linux/Unix, yet another operating system. Most of us are familiar using windows operating system, so that we must worked hard to learn this things. Fortunately i has been using linux and unix os (mac) since i studied in undergraduate, so that i can concern in material of DNS rather than console command :D..

This is step by step DNS installation on my Mac

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