Discussion Note: Demo wireless sensor network using MicaZ Crossbow

Actually after i discuss with Mr. Fajar at his laboratory on sunday, it’s definitely clear about the research interest and focus. Mr. Fajar will develop software generator for facilitate the typology wireless sensor network based on Micaz X-bow, he said that his software will provide easy user interface to make embedded code which it will upload to our device, According to mr fajar information there are consist of 3 kind of device in wsn which it need to embedded code:

  1. Mote
  2. sink/gateway
  3. Station -> Desktop application
Each device has different code and there are specific function depend on the objectives, if wsn mote will attach humidity sensor, solar radiation sensor and temperature sensor, the code program will be different. so that the use of code seem difficult because we must change our code and adjust it with the sensor configuration.
step by step of wireless sensor network installation:
  1. Prepare our mote/sink and Personal Computer with windows OS ( XP Pro)
  2. Preparing our SDK ( Software Development Kit) in this program we will using NesC
  3. Preparing code for Mote, with sensor configuration in each mote. e.g
    1. Code for Mote
    2. Code for Sink/gateway
    3. Code for PC Client ( base station)
  4. Compiling code
  5. Uploading the code to each mote
  6. Writing code for Client, it will help us to visualize our data.
After finish the process of uploading binary code, we trial to spread mote in corner of laboratory to know how this wsn work and doing sensing. This mote, temperature, accelerometer, humidity were attached by default in these sensor board.
Approximately 2 minutes after spreading, we starting base station application from windows desktop, this application provide by crossbow and the name is Mote view. From this mote view we can see the typology and data which it sensed by each mote. being use this software we can do monitoring realtime with minimum power for each mote ( 2x battery 12 volt).
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development of wireless sensor/actuator network based on android os.
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