Walks to Ito Campus

Sunday 23th October was the the first time I go to Ito campus, the future location of kyushu university. The future campus located in Itoshima prefecture, approximately 40 minutes using subway and JR train and According to my friend suggestion, I must buy the ichinichi( いちにち)きっぷ for saving cash, actually because this is my last 万in my wallet :D.

This is the reason I went to Ito campus:

  1. Meet Mr. Fajar to discuss about research in my laboratory, which it related to his dissertation about wireless sensor network.
  2. Curiosity about fukuoka city and also the public transportation, I realize that my japanese is not enough yet to struggle ini daily japanese life but i must force my self to learn and practices it in reality, so if I don’t understand the way to go home i will asking to japanese people using japanese. whether they understand or not 😀
  3. Visiting my friend from indonesia, he was graduate from malaysian university for his master. now he take his Phd in faculty of engineering.
I think the explanation above is enough for my strong reason to go in sunday, although I have biostatistic examination on next tuesday with a lot of material.
I will tell you my story how to go to Ito campus using public transportation.
Kyudai mae eki station
From this station, my senpai accompany me and show me how to go to ito campus, he said that we must remember the transfer station and the time schedule of train. I take a picture dealing with train route and the name of station which it will pass.
This is name of station that i must change my train, the next train railway, located in 2nd floor subway, wow..subway with sub-subway again, can you imagine if you were me at that time. the instruction is definitely clear but the reality condition are totally different, I must looking for schedule insite and all of information related the subway transfer . Fortunately the romaji version is provide by the fukuoka government, so that I can find my right train without asking to japanese people anymore :D. Nakatsu-kawabata has three floor, JR, Subway and Sub-subway ( 2nd ground floor). there are only two lane in each floor so that we can choose the train in left or right depend on our destination.
This is the last station for subway, with the same train it was change from subway to regular train (JR) until kyudai gakentoshi (kyushu university station for ito campus).
Kyudai Gakentoshi
Kyudai Gakentoshi is the last station which I used, this station located in itoshima prefecture and there are many public shopping was build in near kyudai gakentoshi to facilitate the students and visitors who want to come to ito campus.
I take Showa bus for my transportation from kyudai gakentoshi to ito campus, the cost about 200JPY.

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