Fukuoka City..福岡

bazingga…alhamdulilah yah..finally I successfully upload some picture from my phone to notebook using google picasa, actually this post just for trying to make online gallery which integrated with google picasa album.

Walks to Ito Campus

Sunday 23th October was the the first time I go to Ito campus, the future location of kyushu university. The future campus located in Itoshima prefecture, approximately 40 minutes using subway and JR train and According to my friend suggestion, I must buy the ichinichi( いちにち)きっぷ for saving cash, actually because this is my last 万in my wallet :D.

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Lecture note Biostatistic #4: Probability

This is my fourth lecture notes about biostatistic, the previous notes, told us about the data presentation ( graphs, polygon, bar chart, histogram and etc. Probability topic will discuss about what happen when we roll a die or tossing a coin, in my opinion this topic will use to help us when we estimate the real distribution in population using several sample. the professor said that this topic is useful to expect the probability when we doing research in large population and doesn’t know about the real population distribution.

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Lecture note: Biostatistic #2: Types of Data

This is lecture note for 2nd meeting, Tuesday, Oct 12th 2011. Today we study about Biostatistics and techniques in this kind of knowledge. like the previous post, statistic is the activity involving obtain data, analyze data, and present data.

Statistic is the summary of  information (data) in a meaningful fashion, and its appropriate presentation.

Statistic is the population if a plausible model explaining the mechanism that generates the data, with the ultimate goal to extrapolate and predict data under circumstance beyond the current experiment.

Biostatistic is the segment of statistic that deals with data arising from biological process or medical experiments

We start to know about descriptive statistic, the professor said that this is the point in descriptive statistic

  • A means of organizing and summarizing observations
  • They provide us with an overview of the general futures of data, this point like the quotes above ( predict and forecast).
  • Tables, graphs, and numerical summary measures. Tables and graph is uses for make us easy to understand about the summary that we made.

lecture note: Fundamental of Agricultural Sciences: Biostatistic

This lecture was delivered by Prof. Keiji Takasu form Agri-Bio Research Laboratory. This class will provide lecture about biostatistic, in my first impression, biostatistic is field of statistic which it applied in sciences to solve the problem in real. Actually I prepare also if professor asking me about this one, but i don’t have guts enough for cheer up :D, so that i write down in this lecture note.

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Looking for my first classroom…

This is my first time to attend in this international class, as i know the location is 21 century plaza room no.1. I asking to my friends in laboratory, he doesn’t know about the place, so that we immediately looking at campus map, and find building related to places. I found the location, named 21 … Read more