Development of Actuation Framework for Agricultural Informatization Supporting System

Agriculture faces many challenges in the production system, such as climate and weather, field conditions, crop types, soils types and conditions, and so on. Farmers consider many aspects to optimize the “on-farm” process by their long-term experiences. Various informatization agricultural supporting systems have been developed using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to improve agricultural productivity. … Read more

Development of Intelligent Control System for Greenhouse

Various informatization agricultural supporting systems have been developed using ICT (information andcommunication technologies) to improve agricultural productivity. However agriculture is very complex system ingeneral and thus is strictly influenced by climate, weather, soil conditions, crop types, and so on. Authors have also proposed the supporting system called “Agri-eye” in which a field monitoring, crop growth and quality evaluation,work recording, and online … Read more

Review: Case Studies Related to Intelligent Irrigation and Actuating System

This post will focus on case studies and method that already used to solve the problem in intelligent irrigation system with multi input for autonomous decision by the system. 1. Gims: A Web-based Greenhouse Intelligent Management System [tab name=’General Information’] Author: M.T. Maliappis, K.P. Ferentinos, H.C. Passam and A.B. Sideridis Journal: World Journal of Agricultural Sciences … Read more

seminar note:Agriculture and Integrated Production (IP) in Europe: The Almeria Case

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]inter 2012. Today i had opportunity to join special seminar in IT-Agriculture, held by Laboratory of Farm Management, my neighbor laboratory. The keynote speaker is Prof. Fernando Bievenido frrom Departement of Computer Language and Science, University of Almeria, Spain. He will explain his research entitled “Agriculture and Integrated Production(IP) in Europe: The Almeria’s Case”. In this note, I just try retell what I catch from his interesting topics.

Cooperation between all the agent was really the key point of implementation Integrated Production(IP)

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Assignment 1: Increase of rainfall due to climate change and its relation with forest

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]limate change as one popular issues in last decades, it’s affect global average surface temperature and increased over 20th century by about 0.60 C. Forest are likely to experience dramatic changes as a consequence of increment rainfall by climate change. Forest directly affect climate change at the global scale by altering earth’s albedo, hydrological, regimes and atmospheric CO2 .Forest also affect climate at a local scale by altering temperature, humidity and solar radiation (Graham, 1990).

Another serious effect of climate change, related to forest stability is it increased total rain and rain intensity. According to report by Climate Change 2011: The Scientific Basis, Tropical land-surface precipitation measurements indicate that precipitation likely has increased by about 0.2 to 0.3%/ decade over the 20th century. Direct measurements of precipitation and model re analyses of inferred precipitation indicate that rainfall has also increased over large parts of the tropical ocean.

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Let’s know the Arduino

Winter @ kashiihama. Firstly i heard about Arduino when I was study in Electrical Engineering, just heard from my friend who takes thesis topic about arduino for home controlling. I have been looking for a while to his device and just thinking that not related to my thesis in that time.

After discuss and listen to research presentation in end year seminar, about system measuring in tractor movement using arduino by Fukushima Sensei from Mie University, our research team consider to adopt this technology for improve field monitoring and actuating system. In other hand, we have to familiar first with this device and how to program it. Actually this is my first time to do research with arduino, that’s why I start  to learn from official site and step by step to know what is arduino.

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