lecture note: Fundamental of Agricultural Sciences: Biostatistic

This lecture was delivered by Prof. Keiji Takasu form Agri-Bio Research Laboratory. This class will provide lecture about biostatistic, in my first impression, biostatistic is field of statistic which it applied in sciences to solve the problem in real. Actually I prepare also if professor asking me about this one, but i don’t have guts enough for cheer up :D, so that i write down in this lecture note.

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Lectures Assignment: Setting DNS Server in Mac Os

This week i have assignment is Computer network and data communication course, the assignment is setup and configure DNS server in local computer, e.g. Notebook, Netbook, Tablet or Personal Computer. Each of us must practices how to install Bind, configure the zone and create dummy domain to test that our domain is working properly. In this course, we are required to become acquainted with Linux/Unix, yet another operating system. Most of us are familiar using windows operating system, so that we must worked hard to learn this things. Fortunately i has been using linux and unix os (mac) since i studied in undergraduate, so that i can concern in material of DNS rather than console command :D..

This is step by step DNS installation on my Mac

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Project Management Lecture Note

Today I attend the project management class, not like as previous, i am just attend the online course and i have nothing to memorize on my mind. Ok..I will make notes to help me remember the lecture materials. Project management knowledge is consists of four: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. each part will be explained … Read more

My courses in ee graduate program

This year i have opportunity to continue my study in electrical engineering, faculty of engineering, university of gadjah mada. Why you just take your master in local university? why not take your major in abroad?..that’s some regularly question asked to me, but this is the best choice that i can chosen, but i hope sometime … Read more